SkinCeuticals treatments are the result of scientific research.

Activating double peel

This exfoliating treatment boosts cell renewal, soothes the skin and leaves it smoother and more plumped-up. It is an ideal preparation for the new skin, resurfacing or rejuvenating Skinceuticals treatments. (30mn)60 €

Firmness rejuvenating treatments

Perfectly adapted to dull skins, rough skins or skins with spots, this treatment combines a powerful pure C vitamin body mask for the chest, with an antioxidant application and a resurfacing body serum. (1h00)120 €

New-skin resurfacing treatment

This treatment offers new firmness to skin lacking tone, particularly on the belly, the inner thighs and the hips. It reshapes bodily contours and transforms skin texture. (1h00)120 €

Supreme firmness rejuvenating treatment

Combination of the firmness rejuvenating treatment and the activating double peel for more efficiency. (1h30)165 €

Supreme new skin resurfacing treatment

Combination of the new skin resurfacing treatment with the activating double peel for more efficiency. (1h30)165 €

Endermologie body

Our specific treatment:

Androïde treatment

Actions : Slims down the upper body and fat deposits in depth.

Results : Thinned down stomach and waist, toned arms.

Gynoid treatment

Actions : Slims down saddlebags, thighs and smoothes cellulite.

Results : Resculped buttocks and legs.

Total care

Actions : Slims down resistant fat deposits (upper and lower body), smoothes orange-peel effect and redensifies skin.

Results : Slimmed down and resculpted figure, firmed skin.

Shorty treatment

Actions : Releases saddlebag fat, slims stomach and thighs, smoothes cellulite.

Results : Slimmed stomach, reshaped buttocks, diminished saddlebags.

LPG cellulite smoothing treatment

Actions : Breaks down fat deposits, smoothes cellulite and redensifies skin.

Results : Reduced orange-peel effect, firmed skin.

LPG Cellu-draining treatment

Actions : Actively stimulates draining and smoothes cellulite.

Results : Reduced orange-peel effect, resculpted legs.

LPG firming & contouring treatment

Actions : Redensifies skin in depth by activating collagen and elastine production.

Results : Toned figure, firmed skin.

LPG endermo-draining treatment

Actions : Boosts blood circulation and delivers an immediate feeling of lightness and well-being.

Results : Slimmed and resculpted lighter legs.