« Our hands epitomize our style, a disruptive detail, a touch or provocation and humour. »

VESNA nail bar & beauty was founded in 2010 by Vesna Michelich. Trained as an aesthetician, Vesna has specialized in high-end nail care. While working for famous luxury brands, she has gained thorough polyvalence and developed a wide range of aesthetic technics, notwithstanding management, recruiting, professional training and coaching skills. Her demands for quality in care have thus become unparalleled.

Vesna has opened her first nail bar in the very heart of her favourite neighbourhood: the Marais in Paris. With an eye for the smallest details, she has harmoniously designed the structure of the bar herself, making it a unique, spacious and exclusive place, where customers can feel at their utmost ease while being taken care of by the aestheticians.

Thanks to her professional experience, Vesna has been able to foster the key factors of top range service: welcoming customers in a spacious, modern and privileged place; offering a listening phase to provide customers with accurate advice matching their specific needs; bringing dexterity and meticulousness to every step of each service; relying only on unmatched high standard products.

A perfectionist leader, she expects from others what she expects from herself: absolute thoroughness. It has been twelve years since the bar opened: Vesna’s strong personality, persistence and skills have turned VESNA nail & beauty bar into an inevitable address.

Vesna and her team exercise expertise, rigour, attention and technical sophistication. They show great precision for flawless finish, devote the right amount of time to every stage, so as to provide customers with high-end advanced care. Constantly on the lookout for quality products, always paying attention to the desires of her customers, Vesna seeks to promote efficiency while using the elixirs of each brand she has selected.

Eager to listen to customers, VESNA nail bar & beauty demonstrates its difference: all services are available 5 days a week and 10 hours a day, all team members follow continuous training under Vesna’s leadership, all finish are precise, every care comes with technical expertise – for women and for men.

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