Nail design enables you to endlessly reshape your nails, whether you wish transform or simply to fortify them, according to your needs and fancies. Nail design is a customized service, for which you benefit from a diagnosis by one of our specialists. Choose between two prices, depending on the work basis agreed on and the time devoted to your nails accordingly.

Gel enhancements on natural nails

For damaged or cracked nails, for hands and feet under frequent pressure, gel application on natural clear nails enhances and strengthens the natural nail while adding to it a permanent glossy finish. Gel application leaves all possibilities opened: flirt all varieties of polish, and hundreds of colour shades from O.P.I. brands – Infinity Shine, Essie, Alessandro, Kure Bazar, Manucurist, ProNails & Vinylux. Also choose semi-permanent polish or coloured gels with hundreds of colour shades from all our brands, GelColor O.P.I., Gellak de ProNails, Lac sensation UV Gel d’Alessandro.

No glue, nor gel capsules! Gel is applied lightly, directly on the nail; it then coalesces and dries out in a few seconds. The result is strong, refined and glossy; your nails remain flawless up to 3 weeks. ils. We craft every pattern with extreme meticulousness, to turn your hands/feet into unique works of art!

To give length to your short and gnawed nails, nail prosthetics meets all your needs: false nails, repair of a broken nail, capsule or stencil extension, etc.

Brush on gel overlay

To get your nails to the desired length, whether they be short or bitten, we sculpt your nails to answer your needs. We can add false nails on natural nails, repair a broken nail, resort to tip or extensions, etc.

Manicure & Extension & Gel color140 €
Manicure & Retouch & fill122 €

« Manicure is often recommended by our specialists before any other service, in order to enhance your hands, ease any kind of application and extend specifically the effects of gel application »

Gel polish removal & Manicure75 €
Nail repair/extension15 €
Nail art4 / 8 €

Fancy a whimsical touch? Dare try the Nail Art! This artistic technique will let you customize your hands by designing patterns for your nails. We craft every pattern with extreme meticulousness, to turn your hands into unique works of art!