Feet care are dispensed in a dedicated space called the “pédi nail bar” with optimal comfort conditions on balneotherapy massage armchairs.

Choose your favourite care: the “experience care” focuses exclusively on nails, while the “quintessence care” offers an in-depth treatment of nails and skin. An additional professional aesthetician may be at your disposal to perform simultaneous hand care.

Each foot care may be followed by a polish application. Choose between hundreds of colour shades from O.P.I. brands – Infinity Shine, Essie, Alessandro, Kure Bazar, Manucurist, ProNails & Vinylux.

Experience pedicure60 €
+ Polish application75 €
+ French80 €
+ Semi-permanent polish105 €
+ Semi-permanent french polish115 €
Quintessence pedicure75 €
+ Polish application90 €
+ French95 €
+ Semi-permanent polish120 €
+ Semi-permanent french polish130 €
Semi-permanent polish removing15 €
Dressing/nail7 / 15 €
Nail art4 / 8 €

Fancy a whimsical touch? Dare try the Nail Art! This artistic technique will let you customize your feet by designing patterns for your nails. We craft every pattern with extreme meticulousness, to turn your feet into unique works of art!