A specialist will delicately lay a natural extension of each of your eyelashes; truly undetectable.

Extensions are laid 1mm away from the skin, to avoid any contact with the epidermis and to prevent all risk of allergy.

We use surgical glue that has been tested and approved in all poison-control centres, French and European. The application technique doesn’t damage the eyelashes and stays still for 4 to 8 weeks.

If you wish to remove your eye make-up, it is strongly recommended not to use any oily or greasy products. Our specialists recommend the specific Xtrem Lashes cleanser: being grease-free, it lets your extensions enjoy a longer life-span.

You have dressed your eyes; no need for mascara. An eye-shadow or an eye-pencil is enough to bring an extra hint of intensity to your eyes.

Eyelashes extensions

«denser, longer, permanent* eyelashes»

Full lay (approximately 1h30)220 €
Half lay165 €
Filling (Xtreme Lashes)From 95 to 150 €

* the span of their life cycle is the same as a natural eyelash’s