Only one manicure is offered to you: “the Vesna manicure.”

What’s the Vesna manicure?

It is a global treatment that treats the skin and nails in a professional manner with quality products, adapted to your nails and your skin type. Our professional will diagnose and select the most appropriate treatments. Rich in proposals Vesna chooses the elixir of its reference brands that it makes available to its team to satisfy and offer its customers the best care products and the subtleties of color and trends.

A Vesna manicure is to make an appointment with yourself. It is the rigour at the service of our skin. It is a signature of your style. It’s an aside in the everyday life. It is a privileged moment of well-being for the benefit of all.

This manicure can be followed by a classic or semi-permanent varnish application, to be chosen from among the hundreds of colours of the brands 1944 Paris, O.P.I – Infinity Shine, Essie, Alessandro, ProNails & Vinylux.

Vesna Manicure50 €
+ Nail polish60 €
+ Semi-permanent nail polish50 €
Gel polish removal15 €
Nail repair/Extension7 / 15 €
Nail Art4 / 8 €

Fancy a whimsical touch? Dare try the Nail Art! This artistic technique will let you customize your hands by designing patterns for your nails. We craft every pattern with extreme meticulousness, to turn your hands into unique works of art!