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Eyelash Lift

A high fashion look. Application technique with silicone which allows the eyelashes to be lifted from the roots to open the eyes. This treatment allows you to control the curvature of your eyelashes and discipline them for up to two months. In order to enhance the effects of enhancement, it is recommended to combine this service with a black eyelash tint.

Semi-Permanent Makeup

Appointments for semi-permanent makeup should only be made after a consultation and agreement between the client and the expert.

Our first step is the design, created beforehand with a pencil. Nothing is left to chance; everything is important: the color of your hair, your complexion, your style to achieve the most natural result possible.

We offer an exclusive technique, where our expert combines microshading with microblading, resulting in a unique and natural outcome.

This technique is performed in two sessions, with the second session taking place after one month to correct and refine our work for perfect eyebrows.

Microblading is aimed at people who want to have well-defined eyebrows and obtain a natural result. This is a manual technique using a pen fitted with a small sterile, single-use blade. Well mastered, with perfect attention to detail, our expert uses the hair-by-hair technique which allows you to fill in the gaps in your eyebrows.

The microshading technique allows you to obtain a more or less powdery effect, similar to that of an eyebrow pencil. The pigmentation is inserted in fragments with a blended and natural effect.

Eyebrow Restructuring

Professional eyebrow waxing is essential to balance your facial features. While respecting their natural line, this service will allow you to highlight your eyes.

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