VESNA nail bar & beauty

The VESNA concept

With a passion for aesthetics for over 20 years, Vesna has cultivated a unique expertise in high-end beauty treatments and nail care. In 2010, she established Vesna Beauty: a spacious nail bar and skincare institute nestled in the heart of Le Marais.

Against the backdrop of industrial aesthetics, Vesna champions a luxury craftsmanship where client consideration and impeccable technique converge with discernment.

The nail bar

The space is thoughtfully designed in accordance with her vision of care: a holistic aesthetic. Within this privileged setting, the expertise of care meets the individuality of the client.

Attention is given to the smallest details to optimize the comfort of clients and the work of aestheticians.

"Our hands signify our style, a detail that creates distinction, a touch of provocation or humor."

Vesna, a personality turned brand where technical mastery and relational intelligence blend through her continuous training. She offers a mixed reception for both women and men, in a luxurious and laid-back setting.

An essential destination for the quality and variety of products, the performance of the aestheticians, and customer care. For each step of the treatment, the provider will choose the most suitable brand. Always vigilant about the quality of products and attentive to the desires of her clients, Vesna asserts the pursuit of efficiency by offering the elixir of each brand she selects.

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