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Facial treatments

Each facial treatment begins with a phase of listening and advice to conduct a precise diagnosis and better understand your needs.

First step: skin cleansing, makeup removal, exfoliation, ozone spray for oxygenation and impurity extraction, all completed with a purifying and soothing mask. This allows your skin to better receive the rest of the treatment.

The second step involves the application of one or more specific masks accompanied by a relaxing/anti-wrinkle “Kobido” massage, phototherapy, ionization and dynamic oxygenation, or muscle stimulation.

The Best Brands in the Market

Always on the lookout for the best products on the market, Vesna has selected the top brands:

SkinCeuticals, a pioneer in the field of “cosmeceuticals,” offers an advanced line of products with technology at the forefront of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Cosmetology without surgery at its highest level and scientific rigor in the care of all skin types.

Guinot, with 50 years of unique expertise in beauty care, employs exclusive and innovative methods.

Visible Age Reverse, created and developed by Dr. JDM, is a revolutionary treatment. This aesthetic innovation visibly rejuvenates the skin in just 30 minutes.

CliniCare, a range of high-efficiency skincare products and protocols for professional use, along with simple and effective routine advice for everyday use.

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