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Reference brands

Many brands knock on the door of Vesna Beauty. Only those that stand out for their quality and meet our standards are referenced to delight our clientele.

So, we love to introduce you at VESNA Nail Bar and Beauty:

At Skinceuticals, the essential antioxidant vitamin C serum.

At Patyka, the sea salt scrub.

At Guinot, the legendary French pioneer, creator of Hydradermie and Visible Age Reverse: the Longue Vie Cellulaire cream, as well as a wide range of body and sun care products that are constantly refreshed.

At 1944 Paris, vegan nail polishes, including the “Quintuple Couleur Malvina,” replacing the famous Essie Mademoiselle, as well as makeup, especially the newly arrived tinted brow gels.

At Revitalash, a unique lash care developed by an ophthalmologist.

At Marc Inbane, the self-tanning mousse.

At Clinicare, treatments with a high concentration of anti-aging, anti-spot, and anti-inflammatory hyaluronic acid.

At Long-Time-Liner, the best brand of pigments for permanent makeup.

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