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Nail styling allows for the infinite transformation of your nails, whether out of necessity or fancy, to reshape or simply repair them. It is a personalized service for which you will benefit from a diagnosis by one of our specialists in accordance with your wishes. Two rates are proposed because the allocated time will depend on the agreed-upon working base.

Nail Prosthetics / Nail Styling / Nail Extensions

For damaged or cracked nails, or for hands and feet that undergo heavy use, applying gel on transparent natural nails helps sheathe and strengthen the natural nail while achieving a permanent glossy finish. It allows the flexibility to experiment with any polish from the hundreds of colors available from brands like O.P.I – Infinity Shine, Essie, Alessandro, Pronails, Shellac, Gellish, 1944 Paris & Vinylux without ever dulling the base. You can also choose a semi-permanent polish or colored gel from the hundreds of options offered by GelColor O.P.I, Gellak from ProNails, or UV Gel Sensation Lac from Alessandro.

With or without tips, the gel is applied in a thin layer directly onto the nail, then aggregates and hardens under UV light for a few seconds. The result is solid, thin, and glossy, and your nails stay perfect for up to 3 weeks.

To add length to your short or bitten nails, nail prosthetics address all your needs: applying artificial nails, repairing a broken nail, extension with tips or sculpted forms, etc.

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