Before each facial treatment, we listen to you and provide you with advice, so as to offer an accurate diagnosis and fully grasp your needs.

First step: skin cleansing. Make-up removal, exfoliation, ozone sprays to oxygenate and extract all impurities; then a purifying mask finish, to soothe your skin and prepare it for other care to come.

Second step: we apply a specific mask with a relaxing modelling.

Constantly on the lookout for the best products, Vesna has selected the best brands:

SkinCeuticals, a pioneering brand in the “cosmeceutics” of high-tech care, offers a range of care technologies at the frontier between cosmetics and pharmaceutics. Cosmetology without a scalpel at its highest level, and a scientific rigour emphasizing respect for every skin type.

Guinot, a unique expertise in beauty care for 50 years using exclusive and innovative methods.

CliniCare, a range of high efficiency care products and protocols intended for professional use, as well as their simple and effective routine advice to use in your daily life.

Facial treatments

Intensive hydrating treatment (Dehydrated skin)115 €
Skin calming facial treatment (Sensitive skin)115 €
Detoxifying treatment (Clogged pores)115 €
Unifying radiance treatment (Uneven skin tone)115 €
Anti-aging treatment125 €
Ultimate anti-aging skin treatment (1h30 – Global face, chest and hand treatment)185 €