Before each facial treatment, we listen to you and provide you with advice, so as to offer an accurate diagnosis and fully grasp your needs.

First step: skin cleansing. Make-up removal, exfoliation, ozone sprays to oxygenate and extract all impurities; then a purifying mask finish, to soothe your skin and prepare it for other care to come.

Second step: we apply a specific mask with a relaxing modelling.

Constantly on the lookout for the best products, Vesna has selected the best brands:

SkinCeuticals, a pioneering brand in the “cosmeceutics” of high-tech care, offers a range of care technologies at the frontier between cosmetics and pharmaceutics. Cosmetology without a scalpel at its highest level, and a scientific rigour emphasizing respect for every skin type.

Patyka, the new Parisian beauty brand, releases beauty and emotions. We are proud to have taken part in the adventure of such an exclusive and singular brand.

Facial treatments

Intensive hydrating treatment (Dehydrated skin)105 €
Skin calming facial treatment (Sensitive skin)105 €
Detoxifying treatment (Clogged pores)105 €
Unifying radiance treatment (Uneven skin tone)105 €
Anti-aging treatment115 €
Ultimate anti-aging skin treatment (1h30 – Global face, chest and hand treatment)185 €
If you wish, benefit from a simultaneous manicure27 €
Working Girl make-up following your treatment30 €

LPG Endermologie face


Actions : Revives tired, dull complexions caused by stress, smocking… by reoxygenating skin.

Results : As decongested, the face regains harmonious volumes, wide-eyed look and clarified complexion.

Glow : Glowing complexion lift treatment

Actions : Gently exfoliates, unifies complexion and improves skin brightness.

Results : Velvety soft skin and radiant complexion.

Total Regard : Eye lift treatment

Actions : Reduces eye contour wrinkles, decongests puffy eyes and erases dark circles.

Results : A fresh and wide-eyed look.

Eye and lip treatment

Actions : Pumpled mouth, fills in wrinkles.

Results : A youthful  regard, resculped lips.

Densifying anti-wrinkle treatment

Actions : Targets each wrinkle and naturally fills it from within.

Results : Smoothed skin for a younger face that stays animated.

Anti-aging firmness : Cellular regeneration lift treatment

Actions : A complete face, neck and décolleté anti-aging treatment.

Results : A youthful face, a toned neck and a smoothed décolleté.

Anti-aging refining : Face slimming treatment

Actions : Slims down double chinand lower face.

Results : Redefined facial contours and resculped volumes.

Décolleté & Bust

Actions : Increases elastin and collagen production to firm the skin.

Results : Fills in wrinkles for a redensifying effect.